Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Complaint

My God i'm dying with all of these shows, it's been so boring! Yves Saint Laurent had so much charcoal grey, it was sickening and reminded of a very stern old fashion school teacher.

Stella McCartney
love dress and clutch,the color makes them pop

Yves Saint Laurent
the only happiness i got from looking at the show came from these honeys
the red one is ultra sexy

Giambattista Valli
this dress was my favorite thing in the whole collection
the shoes were pretty, wish i could've seen them from the side though

Viktor & Rolf
The two prettiest things in the show were these dresses
the first one's gorgeous, it must have taken a long time to sew the little flowers

these sandals remind me of lava, the copper's my favorite

the boots were very interesting, the white one looks plastic

1 comment:

penelope said...

Love the teal from the Stella McCartney's collection; and those YSL shoes are awesome! But they look so uncomfy!